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A Stretch Hood may seem intimidating to some but it is actually a great way to enhance sexual pleasure. Comfortable to wear, the Stretch Hood is perfect for couples who love to play and try different ways to experience sexual pleasure. Without seeing, your sense of hearing, smell and how you perceive touch will be twice as sensational. Have you ever fantasized about role playing? This Stretch Hood is perfect for setting the scene. One partner can wear the hood as part of a disguise or wear it as a punishment for being naughty while your man decides what he wants to do to you next. Let your imagination run wild as you introduce more excitement and more eroticism into your sex life. The Stretch Hood is easy to wear, clean and store. Made from high quality material, the Stretch Hood is comfortable and made from a breathable material that’s perfect for different types of fetish play that will make your nights hot as ever.

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